We are market leading providers of audio visual and recording systems for Court Services and Investigative Agencies

For over 30 years we have worked as a trusted partner to Court Services and various investigative agencies
providing audio recording and sound reinforcement to mission-critical services

Integrated digital evidence presentation aids and video conferencing
alongside courtroom furniture, enhances our solution

Intuitive simple control functions for your complex
legal audio visual requirements

Court proceedings are often highly complex and can be stressful for some or all participants.

Our solutions meet today’s courts’ requirements for accurate audio legal records and visual evidence, effective sound reinforcement and assistive listening, together with secure and comfortable furniture.

Equally essential is confidence for all participants and other stakeholders that the technology is intuitive in use, with guaranteed reliability for every court session, day-in, day-out.

We are specialists in providing courtroom furniture, from Judges Benches to secure docks, we provide a high quality construction, finish and implementation service

We install high quality audio with clarity and speech intelligibility (to BS EN 60268-18) that is vital to the court participants and transcription to ensure evidence is heard throughout the courtroom by all participants.

We provide flexible yet secure assistive listening aids to courtrooms, ensuring compliancy with the Equality Act and Building Regulations Part M, BS8300, BS EN 60118-4 and BS 7594.

Effective and reliable evidence presentation from any approved device is critical. Simple AV control systems and multiple input options ensure this is delivered.

Reliable and ISO27001-secure video conferencing with remote witnesses is a vital element of modern courtroom technology.

We integrate both the courtroom audio and presentation systems with video conferencing solutions.

From a Secure Dock to a complete Courtroom we provide proven quality furniture tailored to harmonise with existing aesthetics.

Our Secure Docks with integrated audio ensure speech intelligibility both in and outside the dock to BS EN 60268-18

Our multi-channel recording with integrated and automated electronic note taking facilitates the Clerk’s workflow and produces a complete audio recording essential to transcribers who subsequently use the recordings to produce the Official Record.

We are experienced in all types of court environments, from new-build to refurbished and heritage buildings. We understand how to manage and protect sensitive project environments: please see our heritage buildings feature

Operating under demanding on-site service level agreements we consistently deliver flexible and responsive maintenance and support services ensuring that the life of our products is maximised

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