We are market leading providers of audio visual solutions for Central and Local Government

We are specialists in delivering integrated audio visual technology solutions to many Councils
and Government agencies to meet all the requirements of engagement, collaboration and compliancy

Intuitive simple control functions for
complex modern Conferencing

Conferencing systems within council chambers and other places of governance have ever increasing requirements to combine audio, video, recording, public broadcast and digital meeting assets into an integrated system.

Because time is a precious resource, our systems ensure that meeting efficiency and transparency are uppermost in our design ethos. Our system architecture manages complexity with intuitive control for a productive and rewarding user experience.

Equally essential is confidence for all stakeholders that the technology adds value, managing workflow efficiently with guaranteed reliability.

Installing high quality audio with clarity and intelligibility is vital to the user experience, whether in conferencing or public address systems. We will ensure speech intelligibility is measured and maximised.

For challenging environments we offer acoustic testing and improvement design service – using acoustic absorption and sound masking technologies.

Combining wireless presentation and collaboration tools via multiple audio visual devices, we provide users with simple intuitive tools and controls to facilitate sharing information dynamically and fostering genuine teamwork and interaction.

Whether in a Council Chamber, huddle room, or with remote participants via video conferencing, we help bring participants together.

We provide advanced and reliable conference discussion systems to facilitate meeting management with enhancements designed to increase transparency and public engagement:

  • Live web-streaming to Council social media platforms
  • Audio-video recording to provide a complete copy of the meetings for the public record
  • Integration with document management systems
    (agendas, minutes, motions)
  • Electronic voting and attendance

We are experienced in all types of conference environments, from new to refurbished and heritage buildings. We understand how to manage and protect sensitive project environments.

Please see our listed buildings feature.

We collaborate with you, sharing our expertise and industry knowledge to maximise your engagement and communication with key stakeholders.

Delivering effective audio visual technologies is an essential pre-requisite to the success of your project.

We will support you throughout the life of your solution, maximising the return on your investment. We offer a range of AV-Care plans offering:

  • Service desk / user support
  • Remote diagnostics
  • Onsite engineering
  • Planned preventative maintenance
  • Repair & replacement services

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