The Elizabeth Foundation

The Elizabeth Foundation helps young deaf children learn to listen and talk. Based in Portsmouth, it provides services for these children and their families across the UK. We are pleased to support this highly deserving charity, our support began in 2006.

We have made further future commitments to the charity in the coming years and work with them to provide audio visual aids for their educational environment.

You can read more about The Elizabeth Foundation via the link below:

“We help young deaf children learn to listen and talk. We help their parents from the moment of diagnosis offering practical, educational and emotional support.

We are the UK’s largest single provider of education services for babies and preschool children with hearing loss.

We provide Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ nursery services at our Hampshire Family Centre and online support through our innovative Let’s Listen and Talk programme.”

Andover Foodbank

We have supported the Andover Foodbank since 2010 and continues to help ongoing as part of our efforts to help local community projects.

The Andover foodbank was set up in 2006 to provide emergency food to local people who find themselves in short term crisis and are without means to buy food. In the year April 2017 – March 2018 they distributed around 32 tons of food to feed 4325 people of which 1395 were children giving families and individuals valuable breathing space to address longer term issues without the worry of feeding their families or themselves. The supply of additional products such as toiletries and laundry items helps keep children in schools, and provides some dignity to people struggling within our community.

You can read more about Foodbanks and Trussell Trust via the link below:

Local Community Sports

As life becomes increasingly digital we believe in promoting outdoor activities and sports for young children to ensure they grow up healthy with a balanced lifestyle.

Each year we support a different local sports team and have recently helped young swimmers and footballers by helping them reach their goals and sustain their community activities.



Environmental Commitments

We have a firm commitment to help recycle our own and our clients’ electrical waste management and to reduce our carbon footprint:

By maximising the recycling of end-of-life electronic and electrical products, we can help to ensure that the scarce materials used in their manufacture can be re-used and ensure supervised control of potentially hazardous waste.

Our joinery products specify FSC accredited wood in order to increase the use of sustainable materials, encourage expansion of sustainable forests and reduce uncontrolled deforestation of natural habitats.

We have substantially increased the use of public transport for business travel. We have invested in new energy-saving lighting and heating. We segregate our waste and recycle what is permissible. We continue to seek ways to improve on our recycling, waste reduction and energy consumption, regularly sharing best practice with similar organisations and clients alike as part of our continuous improvement process.

Equality & Diversity

We believe the best results are achieved through teamwork. Effective teams comprise persons with different skills and perspectives, working together to achieve a common goal.

We are committed to applying this principle to our recruitment and staff development, appraisal, rewards and all conditions of employment. We also ensure our internal policy is equally reflected in our external actions through relationships with our supply partners and clients. We will always proactively seek to encourage diversity and our Directors and team are empowered to foster this culture.